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Brow/ Forehead Lift

Browlift, Forehead Lift in Evans and Augusta, Georgia-area by Dr. Achih H. Chen, Skilled Facial Plastic Surgeon

Wrinkles and creases that form on the forehead can cause the entire face to appear more aged and tired than it actually is. A forehead, or browlift at our Augusta and Evans, Georgia-area practice can dramatically diminish these telltale signs of age by tightening forehead muscles and eliminating excess skin. Dr. Achih H. Chen can perform this procedure endoscopically, meaning shorter recovery time and typically no visible signs of plastic surgery.*

*Individual results and recovery may vary

Browlift / Forehead Lift Evans and Augusta, Georgia

The forehead lift, commonly referred to as a brow lift,  is usually thought of as a procedure for elevating the eyebrows, but it also has a dramatic effect on the upper eyelids, especially in treating excess lateral skin hooding. The brow lift is a very versatile procedure that can also be used to clip the muscles that cause the vertical furrows or wrinkles between the eyebrows, eliminating the need for injectables to treat wrinkles in this area, and in individuals with a high hairline, it can be used to lower the hairline, depending on the approach used. The brow lift is frequently combined with a facelift but may also be performed as a stand-alone procedure or in combination with eyelid surgery.

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Forehead Lift Procedure

Because of his skill and experience, Dr. Achih H. Chen can perform the browlift in a number of different ways. Each is used to address a distinct set of aesthetic issues. For individuals not ready to commit to a surgical procedure, a subtle, temporary brow lift may be accomplished with injectables such as neuromodulators.

Endoscopic Forehead Lift/Browlift Evans and Augusta, Georgia

Although there are several approaches to performing the brow lift, the state-of-the-art method is the endoscopic approach. This technique employs the use of a very thin instruments and a small camera inserted through four small incisions that are hidden beneath the hair, allowing Dr. Achih H. Chen to view the surgical area on a monitor. The endoscopic forehead lift, as performed at our Augusta-area facility, avoids the need for a large scalp incision and the permanent numbness that is associated with the open brow lift approaches. As a result, recovery time is typically quicker.*

*Individual results and recovery may vary

Pretrichial Browlift

In individuals with a very high hairline, a pretrichial approach may be used. In this approach, an incision is completed along the front of the hairline. It is beveled in such a way that the hair will grow through the healed incision, camouflaging it. The incision is usually hidden after six to twelve months, allowing most individuals to select hairstyles that expose the incision. The pretrichial approach is an excellent method to elevate the brows without raising the hairline. Additionally, this approach may be used to simultaneously lift the brows and lower the hairline. The result is that the size of the forehead is reduced. For more detailed information on forehead (brow) lift surgery, patients in the Augusta and Evans, Georgia region can contact the cosmetic surgery offices of Dr. Achih H. Chen.

Mid-forehead Browlift

The mid-forehead approach is best reserved for individuals, usually men, with little or no hair in which to hide incisions. With this approach, the incisions are completed within forehead skin creases so that they are as camouflaged as possible after healing.

Coronal Browlift

The coronal brow lift is completed through an incision that is hidden within the hair, running from ear to ear over the top of the head. It is the traditional method to elevate the brows.

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Forehead Lift Recovery

The forehead lift is usually completed under deep sedation, but some individuals may elect to have local anesthesia. Hair is not shaved for any of the approaches. Typically, there is minimal discomfort with brow lifting.* Bruising varies from individual to individual, but usually is present around the eyes, especially the lower eyes, if it occurs at all.* Most bruising resolves over one to two weeks.* Individuals usually return to light activities after a few days.*

*Individual results and recovery may vary

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The Georgia Center offers browlift/forehead lift to Evans and Augusta, Georgia patients and those visiting from Aiken, South Carolina and the surrounding region. For more information on this effective procedure, or other options such as rhinoplasty, Restylane® injections, or laser skin resurfacing, please contact our cosmetic surgery practice.