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Male Facelift Surgery

At his practice in metro-Augusta, GA, Dr. Chen specializes in male facelift surgery for restoring a youthful, masculine look to the aging face and neck. As the aging process occurs, the defined jawline of the youthful face begins to develop jowls and the smooth neckline begins to form a wattle. Facelift surgery for men is very similar to the surgeries for women, but there are a few distinct features that must be taken into account for a natural-appearing result.

Men may have a more prominent sideburn than women. As a result, the incision that works best in women, a post-tragal incision, must be altered in men to prevent moving the sideburn too close to the ear canal. Dr. Achih H. Chen repositions the post-tragal facelift incision used in women to a pre-tragal position to maintain the area of non-hair-bearing skin in front of the ear canal so that postoperatively, a natural appearance is maintained and so that male patients do not have to shave up to the ear canal.

**This is a patient of Dr. Achih H. Chen who has given consent to use these photos.

In addition to more prominent sideburns, men may desire to maintain closely cut hair or even shave their heads. This presents some special considerations as the hair in the temple region and behind the ear is used to hide some of the incisions used in facelift surgery. To address this problem, Dr. Chen has designed a facelift incision specifically for men (or women) who cut their hair very short or shave their heads. This incision hides very well, but allows the underlying sagging tissue to be lifted and excess skin to be removed.

**This is a patient of Dr. Achih H. Chen who has given consent to use these photos.

Finally, in male facelift surgery, as in female facelift surgery, chin projection must be assessed. If the chin is under-projected, the neck will appear shorter, while an ideally projected chin will create the appearance of a longer neck. Chin position deserves mention in male facelift surgery as a more prominent chin will help create a better facelift result and is also considered more masculinizing.

Often, chin augmentation with chin implant surgery during facelift surgery for men will achieve two aesthetic goals: one to create a better neck, the second to achieve a masculinizing appearance. The series of photos below is the same man with his chin with different degrees of projection. From left to right, there is over-projection, neutral projection, and under projection of the chin.

Chin Position Differences

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Men who want facelift surgery travel from the Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina areas to our practice to have Dr. Chen perform the procedure. Request a consultation to meet with Dr. Chen using the online form, or call our office at (706) 210-2625 to schedule an appointment.

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