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Fat Transfer

Fat Injections in Augusta and Evans, Georgia

Dermal fillers like Restylane® and other injectable products represent one of the fastest-growing forms of treatment in the field of cosmetic surgery. Injections are so attractive because they are quick, safe, and easy to use in a variety of powerful ways. One of the most exciting injectable options is to remove unwanted fat from one area of the body and inject it elsewhere. Using these fat injections, which are available to Augusta and Evans, Georgia-area patients at the Georgia Center, Dr. Achih H. Chen can augment the lips, cheeks or other areas using fat borrowed from another area of the body.

Fat Injections/Transfer

Fat injections offer one of the most natural-looking, life-like augmentations available. Because the treated areas are augmented with actual tissue from the patient’s body, they look and feel just like the real thing.* Additionally, patients do not risk the sort of allergic reaction that could be caused by animal-derived collagen or a synthetic product. Areas that are most commonly augmented include the cheeks, the lips, the eyebrow fatpad, or even the ear lobes, each which have deflated and fallen with time.

*Individual results and recovery may vary.

Fat Injections Procedure

The first step involved in administering fat injections is to collect fatty tissue from elsewhere on the body. Dr. Chen uses liposuction conducted with specially designed atraumatic cannulas to collect the fatty tissue he uses in fat injections. The fat is often taken from the lower abdomen using a very small incision hidden inside the belly button.

Next, the fat is treated and purified to remove any non-living or damaged fat cells. The remaining fat is then placed into syringes and injected in very small increments to give the transferred tissue the best chance of survival. Patients may require more than one fat injection session spaced three months apart from the previous session to achieve the desired level of augmentation.*

*Individual results and recovery may vary.

Fat Injections Recovery

A quick recovery time makes fat injections attractive. Patients may experience some mild swelling or bruising in the augmented area for a few days after each injection.* Typically, the mild bruising that does occur may be easily covered with make-up.*

*Individual results and recovery may vary.

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Dr. Chen is a double board-certified, fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon who's been chosen for Castle Connolly's Top Doctors® Award, a prestigious honor recognizing the top 1% of physicians in the U.S.

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For more information on the effective, long-lasting results of fat injections, contact our Augusta and Evans, Georgia-area cosmetic surgery practice. Fat injections can be combined with other aesthetic enhancement procedures, such as laser skin resurfacing, eyelid surgery, or a forehead lift, to complete a total cosmetic makeover.