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Total LaserSmooth®

One of the most defining features of the youthful face is an even and smooth skin texture. With time, pigment irregularities and fine lines begin to form. Most commonly, this initially presents as lines radiating from around the mouth, especially the upper lip and also presents as a crepe-like texture of the lower eyelids. These fine lines can progress to a cobblestone-like texture of the skin with prominent areas of pigment irregularity. Light or fair skin is more prone to these changes, but with time, even more darkly pigmented individuals are affected by these skin changes. This aging of the skin can be especially accelerated with sun exposure or tobacco use. While it may seem that tightening, lifting or re-volumizing may be able to address these changes through “stretching” of the skin, over time, even surgically over-tightened skin relaxes. Lasting, long-term rejuvenation of the skin can only be achieved through changing the texture. The Total LaserSmooth®, a laser skin rejuvenation treatment performed at our August, GA, practice, was developed to remove the damaged, cobblestone textured, outer layers of skin for a smooth, youthful-appearing face.

Request a consultation using the online form to meet with Dr. Achih H. Chen to discuss if you’re a good candidate for laser skin treatments. Patients from Columbia and Charleston, SC, travel to our Evans, GA, practice for facial rejuvenation procedures. You can also call our office at (706) 210-2625 to schedule an appointment.

While it is commonly thought that a lifting and tightening procedure such as facelift surgery addresses these aging skin changes, even extreme tightening will not reverse these issues. Instead, over-tightening to try and address the skin will result in a very operated-appearing, wide-mouth, pulled appearance. Even extreme volume restoration will not create a lasting change in the skin texture, but instead an operated look. The surface of the skin remains aged-appearing after a lifting procedure or volume restoration or even both.

This problem was recognized by Dr. Achih H. Chen who, in a search for a more complete facial rejuvenation, developed a state-of-the-art skin resurfacing procedure: Total LaserSmooth®. Up until this landmark development, it had been thought impossible to address the surface of the skin at the same time a facelift and a re-volumizing procedure was performed. This group of procedures, developed by Dr. Chen and called the Total Face®, was published in the peer-reviewed medical journal, The American Journal of Cosmetic Surgery, and presented at the Scientific Meeting of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery. Although the Total LaserSmooth® may be performed as a stand-alone procedure, it was developed specifically to work together with The Total Lift® and the Total VolumeLift® to restore the smooth, unblemished skin texture so defining of the youthful face.

The Total LaserSmooth® is a procedure that utilizes the Erbium laser, an ablative laser. During this procedure, the outer, damaged layers of aged and damaged skin are removed. Healing of the surface of the skin occurs in approximately 10 days, after which makeup may be worn.*

*Individual results and recovery may vary.

Together, the Total Lift®, the Total VolumeLift®, and the Total LaserSmooth® make up the three components of the Total Face® Rejuvenation to more completely address features that distinguish the young face from the aged face.

Achih H. Chen MD, FACS

Award-winning facial plastic surgeon

Dr. Chen is a double board-certified, fellowship-trained facial plastic surgeon who's been chosen for Castle Connolly's Top Doctors® Award, a prestigious honor recognizing the top 1% of physicians in the U.S.

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