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Dimple Creation

Dimpleplasty, Dimple Creation Evans and Augusta, Georgia-area by Dr. Achih H. Chen, Facial Plastic Surgeon

In some cultures, a dimple is a sign of good fortune. A dimple is a defect or gap in the muscles of the face. As a result, a depression or dimple occurs when smiling or animating the face. The dimpleplasty or dimple creation procedure was first described in the 1950s. Since the first description of dimpleplasty, there have been various methods of dimple creation described in the medical literature. The various methods may be categorized into a stitch method and a surgical method. Dr. Achih H. Chen, our dimpleplasty specialist, serving the Evans and Augusta, Georgia and Aiken, South Carolina-area with visitors from Atlanta and beyond can help create the dimple that you desire.

Dimpleplasty, Dimple Creation Evans and Augusta, Georgia

The simplest method of dimple creation is the stitch method. In the stitch method, the dimple is created using only a suture. The suture is placed from inside of the mouth and passed so that it catches the back side of the cheek skin so when tied in a loop, a dimple is formed. While the stitch method is a quick and simple procedure to perform, the dimple is only present as long as the stitch is in good position. Shear force across the dimple created by rubbing the skin on the face may disrupt or tear the stitch loose and eliminate the dimple.

The surgical method of dimpleplasty or dimple creation most closely mimics a naturally occurring dimple. It involves creating a defect in the muscles of the face so the dimple will occur when smiling. This method involves surgically creating a dimple from the inside of the mouth. A defect is created so that the dimple is present when smiling or animating the face once healing has occurred.

Dr. Achih H. Chen’s Method of Dimpleplasty, Dimple Creation

ideal dimple placementWhile the surgical method of dimple creation is a more complex procedure, Dr. Achih H. Chen feels this method creates a dimple that is most stable and is most similar to a naturally occurring dimple. Dr. Chen’s method of dimpleplasty begins with careful selection of the dimple position. As a general rule, a dimple is positioned at the intersection of an imaginary line drawn from the corner of the mouth and the earlobe and a vertical line from the outside corner of the eye. The final position is confirmed by the patient checking the position in a mirror. A surgical defect corresponding to the pre-determined dimple position is created from the inside of the mouth. Upon creation of the surgical defect, the back side of the skin at the site of the dimple is anchored with a dissolvable suture to all the layers of the facial soft tissue. The incision on the inside of the mouth is then closed. As the suture connecting the back side of the skin of the dimple to the soft tissues of the cheek dissolves, scar tissue will form creating a permanent dimple. Initially, the dimple is rather prominent, even when the face is not in animation. With time, the dimple will become more subtle, appearing most prominently when smiling.*

*Individual results and recovery may vary

Dimpleplasty Recovery

Dimpleplasty or dimple creation in Evans and Augusta, Georgia may be performed using local anesthesia. This is a preference for many out-of-town patients so that they may drive themselves home following their procedure. Alternatively, dimpleplasty may be performed under IV sedation where the patient is completely unaware of their environment. They may also return home on the same day, but will need someone to drive. No dressing is applied following dimpleplasty. Patients may resume regular activity the next day following surgery.*

*Individual results and recovery may vary

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