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Evans and Augusta, GA - Mid-Facelift, Total Volume Lift

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Procedures Performed
  • Mid-Facelift - Total VolumeLift
  • Mid-Face Rejuvenation
Case Details

Surgeon: Achih H. Chen, MD, FACS

Volume loss of the mid-face or cheek area occurs during the course of the facial aging process. The result is deflation of the mid-face with downward sagging making the nasolabial folds or parentheses around the mouth (the folds running from the corners of the nose to the corners of the mouth) appear deeper. It has long been thought that lifting and tightening of this area through mid-faclift surgery is the treatment of choice. However, Augusta and Evans, GA area Facial Plastic Surgeon has observed that youthful faces do not look tight or flat in this area as is the result of mid-facelfit surgery. Instead, youthful faces have a fullness in the mid-face area. Reversing the aging process of the mid-face region requires restoring the volume for a natural-appearing , youthful appearance. As a result, this 65 year old woman underwent the mid-face rejuvenation procedure, the Total VolumeLift by Dr. Chen at the Georgia Center for Facial Plastic Surgery serving also the Aiken, SC area. She also underwent the laser skin resufacing to address the brown spots and the cobblestone, sun-damaged appearance of her skin.

Details: Note the volume restoration of the mid-face region, white arrows in view 1.

**These photos are presented with the consent of this patient.

Age: 65
Gender: Female